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Richy Projects (Pvt) Ltd has evolved as supplier of best lighting products in Sri Lanka for Commercial, Marine, Automotive, and Industrial applications through partnerships with worldwide best-in-class lighting manufacturers. We continue to be the leader in the lighting industry due to our worldwide specialized partners who deliver the depth of knowledge and years of experience in latest lighting technologies.

Our innovative, up-to-date, quality products include a variety of finishes, colors, covers, bulbs, lights in LED, Halogen, Incandescent, Fluorescent and Neon.

LEDs are now more than ever being applied to the Commercial lighting and Marine industry with extremely promising results. LEDs are efficiently used in Office buildings, Warehouses, Parking Lots, Roadways, Yachts, Boats, Cruise ships. Commercial LEDs have proven to be highly efficient as well as a long lasting light source with an incredible visual impact with significantly reduced power consumption, increased reliability, reduction in radiated heat. Solar LEDs are being used in many industries due to the advantage of minimized operation costs, free maintenance, no city grids required, no utility bills charged, easy installation and free maintenance.

We offer our customers a first class product backed by unparalleled service. We invite you to give us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and assist you with all of your lighting needs.

  • Flood Light Fitting
  • Mercury Fitting
  • Sodium Bulbs
  • MV Bulbs
  • Marine Lights
  • Search Lights
  • Navigation Lamps
  • Courtesy Lamps
  • Boat Trailer Lighting
  • LED Lights – Commercial, Marine, Solar
  • LED Fittings